Excellent quality 5mm-19mm low iron clear tinted tempered float glass with good price

1, What is tempered float glass?

Tempered float glass is made by processing a large float glass sheet to cut to custom size glass panels and later edgeworked before entering the tempering furnace. After enduring the 700 degrees temperature in the tempering machines for several minutes and later cooled down by a strong wind jet to make the glass surface in a compressed status whereas the interior still in tension. This tempering process is also called glass quenching. Tempered float glass will be 5 times stronger than normal float glass, with tempering stress over 90Mpa, which can endure a strong impact without breaking.

Tempered float glass price
Large size tempered glass

Even when the tempered glass is broken due to extremely high impact, the glass will be shattered into small pieces which will be harmless to humans, therefore it is also called safety glass.

tempered glass breakage vs float glass breakage
tempered glass breakage vs float glass breakage

2, Tempered glass properties

Glass productTempered float glass
Glass colorLow iron, clear, green, blue, grey, bronze, dark, pink, etc
Glass thickness5mm~19mm
Glass shapeCurved/flat
Glass typesHalf tempered glass, fully tempered float glass, decorative tempered glass,
heat soaked test tempered glass, patterned tempered glass, etc.
Further processDigital printed, ceramic frit, frosted, coating, etc
FunctionsSafety fencing/decoration/cladding, etc
ApplicationsPadel court, facade, windows, doors, railing, balcony, balustrade, etc.
QualitySubject to CE & ASTM & ISO9001, etc
PackingStrong plywood crates to ensure the safety
Max size3200*12000mm

3, What is the difference between annealed float glass vs tempered glass?

Itemannealed float glasstempered glass
BreakagePieces with sharp edgesSmall particles with obtuse angles
Heat thermal stabilityNormalGood can endure high up to 250℃
Safety glassNoYes

4, What are the applications of tempered glass?

Fully tempered float glass has super high strength and safety function, therefore most construction projects such as facade, railing, windows, doors, shower room, showcase, etc will adopt it.

tempered float glass manufacturers
Tempered glass applications

5, How to produced tempered glass?

As one of Chinese professional tempered float glass manufacturers since 1994, Shenzhen Dragon Glass offers super high quality tempered glass. The production process as below:

  1. Cut the float glass products to custom size;
  2. Edgework;
  3. Drill holes according to CAD drawings;
  4. Transfer the glass to tempering furnace;
  5. Strong plywood crates packing.
Shenzhen Dragon Glass toughening glass process
Tempered glass process
accurately processed tempered float glass
accurately processed tempered float glass

6, Shenzhen Dragon Glass tempered glass products details

Fine polished tempered glass VS matt polished tempered glass:
Clear glass VS low iron glass VS tinted glass
Clear glass VS low iron glass VS tinted glass
Curved tempered glass VS flat tempered glass

7, Certifications


8, Strong plywood crates packing to ensure cargo safe delivery

Strong plywood crates packing to ensure tempered glass products safety during long distance transportation.

If you have any inquiries about tempered float glass, welcome to contact us now!


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