Attractive custom interior sliding glass door office design 10mm 12mm

What are 10mm 12mm custom interior sliding glass door for an office?

Sliding glass door is very popular for an office, due to glass sliding door design are very practical and beautiful. As sliding glass door office save a great deal of space and slide on the wall, this interior sliding glass door are especially useful in office settings.

When designing a space to be bright and visually connected across the length of a room, designers often utilize a custom glass door to accent the flow of natural light while creating implied spatial divisions. At Shenzhen Dragon Glass, our design team has experience creating doors tailored to make a room feel larger yet segmented into specific spaces.

Moreover, there is a wide variety of sliding systems for sliding glass door office design from which you can choose from. All of them are efficient and silent, but their design is different, so you can select your preferred one.

Shenzhen Dragon Glass provides glass door office design

Why used sliding glass door for office?

1、One of the main benefits of internal glass door office design is the increased amount of natural light they allow to into an office room. This will make the office space feel more open.

2、Glass door can be an excellent choice for acoustic insulation. Depending on their thickness, glass door office design can provide a very high noise reduction while maintaining sound privacy office inside.

3、When in a smaller office, a sliding glass door office is a perfect choice even more. Due to lack of natural light, it will make areas such as hallways feel enclosed and gloomy, however, a glass door allows extra light flowing in, a glass door can make space feel much larger, and ventilation.

4、Sliding glass door office, in particular frameless glass doors, look ultra-modern and sleek, with clean lines and contemporary fittings and fixtures.

5、In a commercial space, an added benefit is the option to include a company logo or colors in your glass door office design, with frosted or painted glass. They are ideal for a professional and up-to-the-minute office environment.

Shenzhen Dragon Glass provides glass door office design

How to make a sliding glass door office?

Shenzhen Dragon Glass supplies strong and durable tempered glass doors in 10mm, 12mm, etc thicknesses. Easily tolerate the forces of ordinary use and even unexpected impacts.

All products are cut and polished depending on custom design, sophisticated machinery enables us to cut and process glass accurately according to the order.

The first step to produce the glass door is you have to cut the glass to your final size according to your design,  then polished the edges with grinding machines, clean the glass surfaces with washing machines. And then, tempered. Transfer them into tempering machines, with heat to around 700-degree temperature, and keep for due time. Using the strong wind jet to cool the glass rapidly. Thus causing the glass surface to compressed whereas the interior side is still in tension. This thermal treatment will increase the glass strength to above 95 Mpa. Finally, through in-house customizable sizing, printing, painting, and glass finish processes. Our custom glass doors can be used across a wide array of aesthetic settings.

Shenzhen Dragon Glass provides glass door office design

What type of glass can you use in the sliding glass door office?

We also offer other flexible design options, including assorted glass types, sizes, colors, patterns, and finishes. Our custom glass doors can be used across a wide array of aesthetic settings.

If you have already decided to go with sliding door for your office partition, it is imperative that you make the right decision on the type of glass that will be used.

1、 Frosted tempered glass door office design

Frosted glass door is produced by two methods: acid etched and sandblasting. It can be quite a good choice if you have simple patterns designs or privacy functions required.

This means you gain the privacy of an opaque door, while still enjoying many of the benefits of clear glass doors, such as a contemporary look and increased light.

2、 Laminated tempered glass door office design

Comparing to single glass, laminated glass door is more soundproofing, more high strength, more safe, and more multiple color designs.

3、Ceramic frit tempered glass door office design

Ceramic frit glass is using tempering process to make to frit glazed on glass permanently. Ceramic frit tempered glass door has a good decoration effect such as dot or bar design, etc. Its colors are also adjustable.

4、Tinted tempered glass door office design

This kind of glass partition is designed with the addition of different colors to glass materials. It can either be ultra white, blue, green, grey, bronze, etc. It has a lot of properties very similar to the clear glass door but reflects less light.

5、Insulated tempered glass door office design

If your office needs very good sound insulation and energy saving functions, an insulated glass door is a very good choice.

Shenzhen Dragon Glass provides glass door office design


  • Sliding glass door office subject to ISO9001:
  • Sliding glass door office subject to ASTM 1048;
  • Sliding glass door office subject to CE;
  • Sliding glass door office subject to AS;



Packing details:

Strong plywood crates to ensure safety during long-distance transportation.

You can depend on our design-glass services to your office. Choose from our custom colors and patterns to make your design efforts even more practical and tailored to your exact needs. Create an interior environment where natural light can enter, but sufficient privacy is maintained.

Call us today to request a Shenzhen Dragon glass expert review, we’ll assess your specifications and identify the options best suited for your custom glass door needs.


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