7 tips for choosing excellent SGP laminated glass suppliers

1, What is SGP laminated glass?

SGP refers to SentryGlas interlayers from Dupont. SGP laminated glass is made by combining two pieces of glass panels with an SGP interlayer. With high temperature (around 200 degrees) and high pressure, the bonding between the glass and the SGP interlayer will permanently stick together. Below is a video that can show you clearly the advantages of SGP laminated glass:

2, Laminated glass pvb vs sgp?

SGP laminated glass

You may wonder, what is the difference between PVB laminated glass VS SGP laminated glass? Well, for the process, there is no much difference. But for the interlayer material, SGP laminated glass will be 5 times higher strength than PVB laminated glass and up to 100 times stiffer than normal PVB laminated glass.

For broken status, PVB laminated glass though will glue the broken pieces together but will fall down whereas the SGP laminated glass will still stand up.

In this way, for some applications like frameless railing, SGP laminated glass will offer higher safety.

3, What is the advantages of SGP laminated glass?

higher strength: SGP laminated glass is 5 times stronger than PVB laminated glass in the same thickness.

save material, less weight: Higher strength means you can save material whereas thinner configurations for architecture design.

higher transmittance, clearer: SGP’s yellow index less than 1.5 whereas pvb is about 6~12, which means SGP film can offer higher transmittance, much clearer, and beautiful scenery. SGP film is usually combined with extra clear glass to enhance its super clear beauty.

SGP laminated glass products and applications
SGP laminated glass products and applications

4, What are the applications of SGP laminated glass?

SGP laminated glass can be used in facade, curtain wall, windows, and doors, railing, partition, floor, etc places where high strength is required as a necessity or hurricane-resistance are considered as first place.

As you can see from this picture, 3~4 layers of SGP glass will completely guarantee the safety of humans stepping onside.

SGP laminated glass applications

5, How to qualify SGP glass suppliers?

Qualifies SGP glass suppliers will have certifications from SentryGlas from Dupont, the certifications will be tracked from the internet. Sometimes some clients will ask me, why there are some suppliers that can offer SGP laminated glass price much lower than yours? The thing here is, some so-called “SGP laminated glass” are from those without certification suppliers, and the “SGP” layer material fails the test of impact and also the acid test, etc.

Generally speaking, SGP glass price will be on average pricing in China for qualified suppliers, the only difference will depend on the processing quality control such as size accuracy, edgework without chips, no bubbles, super good glass tempering quality, etc. Our quality control systems all follow CE & ASTM standards and therefore can guarantee high-quality SGP glass products for you. Our quality files can be sent for your reference to help you find good SGP glass suppliers.

SGP laminated glass suppliers in China
One of the best SGP glass suppliers-Shenzhen Dragon Glass

6, What Shenzhen Dragon Glass can offer you?

Product name SGP laminated glass
Glass colorClear, ultra clear, blue, green, bronze, grey, etc.
Glass thickness5+5mm, 6+6mm, 8+8mm, 10+10mm, 12+12mm, etc
5+5+5mm, 6+6+6mm, 8+8+8mm, 10+10+10mm, etc
5+5+5+5mm, 6+6+6+6mm, 8+8+8+8mm, etc,
other types are available too.
SGP thickness0.89, 1.52, 2.28, 3.04, etc
Shapeflat/ curved
ApplicationsFacade, curtain wall, railing, skylights,
balcony balustrade, windows, glass floor, floating glass staircase, etc.
CertificationsSGCC, CE, CCC, ISO9001, etc
Max size3200*12000mm
Capacity3000 SQM/Day

7, Certified sgp specialist glass products ltd Shenzhen Dragon Glass.

Shenzhen Dragon Glass as a certified sgp glass supplier and top 3 glass manufacturers in Guangdong, has the certifications of ISO9001/CCC/SGCC/CE certifications. We are able to provide you excellent quality glass products.

shenzhen dragon glass certifications

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