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Tempered glass videos

Glass Tempering process

Tempering process: heating the edge worked glass to over 600-degree temperatures and cool down with the strong wind jet, making the glass form high pressure on the surface and balanced tension in the interior. Increasing tempered glass 5 times the strength.

Jumbo size tempered glass

Jumbo size glass(up to 3300*13000mm)
1) External use of glass windows, automatic glass doors, glass storefronts, glass fins, glass beams, etc.

Laminated glass videos

Insulated glass videos

The Insulated glass quality for the show

The Insulated glass advantages:
1.Splendid thermal insulation performance.
2.Soundproofing performance.
3.Prevent condensation, reduce cold radiation, and higher safety performance.

The insulated double glazing glass workshop

The insulated glazing glass panels also called igu glass. is a kind of two glass panels separated by an aluminum spacer, sealing with butyl rubber and structural sealant, under strict process quality control.

Double glazing with manual sealing

The different pieces of glass are isolated through aluminum tubes whose inside are filled with desiccant. The hollow space is inflated with dry air or inert gas and sealed with butyl rubber, polysulphide sealant, or structural adhesive, to form glass with dry space.

Large size insulated glass with blink

Combining traditional blinds with insulated glass, not only saves space, but also realizes the comprehensive performance of insulated glass heat preservation and blinds shading.

Curved glass videos

19+19 mm curved laminated glass supply

19+19 curved laminated glass.
Toughened Glass is also called tempered glass. Nowadays, due to its high strength and safety, wind resistance, thermal stability, it is widely used in windows, doors, facade, partition, railing, balcony, storefront, showcase and etc.

curved tempered glass production

As a professional glass manufacturer with over 20 years of experience, we mainly supply two kinds of excellent curved glass at a competitive cost to meet your budget: bend curved glass and tempered curved glass.

Small curved office room with PDLC glass

PDLC glass is a thin film where it can be installed onto any existing glass. It changes its visual appearance from frosted to transparent and vice versa by using a remote control. Our film is frosted/opaque when powered off and transparent/clear when powered on.

Decorative glass videos

The fibre laminated glass

Fiber laminated glass is made of two or three layers of glass with PVB or SGP or EVA in the glass between, to process with high temperature and high pressure.
it can be toughened or do not do the toughened. For the glass sheets, you have used to make laminated glass, can behave many choices, like using patterned glass, tinted glass, acid etching glass, sandblasting glass, low e energy saving glass, and so on.

PDLC glass videos

PDLC glass with auto sliding door

In polymer-dispersed liquid-crystal glass (PDLCs), liquid crystals are dissolved or dispersed into a liquid polymer followed by solidification or curing of the polymer.

PDLC office room Intelligent switchable glass

The smartness of PDLCs is a result of its ability to change it’s transparency when an electrical stimulus is applied to it. This is normally by way of an alternating voltage, which exerts an alternating electric field across the PDLC material.

PDLC shower room bathroom washroom

The smart glass PDLC can be widely applied for office, meeting room, hotel, villa, bathroom door and window, shower room, kitchen cabinet, glass curtain wall.

PDLC swing windows smart glass film

PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) Glass is a kindly laminated glass, which can change to be transparent or non-transparent instant by switching the electricity power by means applying with PDLC film.

PDLC toilet bathroom shower door

PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) is a light modulating material comprised of droplets of liquid crystal uniformly dispersed in a transparency or translucency, flexible plastic film.

PDLC windows Smart Glass Transparent Film

We call PDLC film as smart glass, so which sectors are using PDLC glass?
Architectural (residential and commercial)
Interior design
Retail advertising

PDLC glass partition

PDLC glass partition wall

Here is a video to show you a magic glass with single click the glass will turn from obscure to clear. It is also called PDLC glass partition.

Glass applications videos

Sliding shower door Shower enclosure

Sliding shower door Shower enclosure
Dimension (980-1600)x1850 /mm or can be customized
Material Tempered glass or laminated glass,Optional Glass pattern, frosted, fluted, silk printing pattern, etc.
glass thickness(5/6mm), hardware, and so on.

low iron fluted glass reed glass

Fluted glass is identifiable by its vertical grooves. It is sometimes referred to as ribbed or textured glass and is highly popular among architects and interior designers.

fire resistance test

Fire-rated glass also known as Fire Resistant Glass) is a specialist glass that has been proven to provide period of protection against fire during a Fire Resistance Test.

Plant view videos

Auto glass cutting line

The auto cutting line as shown includes:
Equipment mainframe/equipment walking system/equipment transmission system/vacuum suction system / mechanical overturn the system.

Full automatic glass cutting machine

Auto cutting machine, this machine ensures the glass cutting smooth, with accurate dimensions and good quality.
Product Features: Suitable for glass loading, cutting, slicing, remote control walking in the factory.

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