Super high performance laminated insulated glass units use for curtain wall

What is laminated insulated glass units?

Laminated insulated glass units are a type of insulated glass, which is a combination of insulated glass and laminated glass, and is commonly used in curtain walls and sunrooms. In the structure of laminated insulating glass, laminated glass is mainly used for the outer sheet; But this is not absolute. Below we are going to introduce the different usages in different applications.

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What are the benefits when using laminated insulated glass units?

①Safety: When broken, the fragments will temporarily stick to the PVB interlayer, reducing the risk of glass falling from the building, and avoiding the danger of voids in the exterior wall due to glass falling off.

②Aesthetics: It can increase the types of glass choices and realize a variety of aesthetic effects and functions, such as colored PVB interlayer, laminated glass composed of different colored glass

③Soundproof: Compared with single-piece tempered glass, laminated glass has higher soundproof performance. The soundproof performance of insulating glass using laminated glass is 3dB lower than that of insulating glass using single-piece glass.

④Flatness: When using laminated insulating glass, because it is not necessary to use tempered glass (for example, semi-tempered glass or float glass can be used). the surface of the glass will look flatter,  Therefore, the waviness on the glass surface is not so obvious.

Applications of laminated glass in outer and inner sheets

Laminated glass in the outer sheet, many engineering of curtain walls system put the laminated glass outer to prevent an accident of falling glass fragment from high altitude:

Laminated glass in the inner sheet, mainly used in low-rise villas or sunrooms.

Specifications of glass curtain wall systems:

  • Production name: laminated insulated glass; insulating laminated glass.
  • Glass thickness: 5+1.14PVB+5+9A+5, 6+1.14PVB+6+9A+6, 8+1.52+8+12A+8 etc.Other types of configurations also available. etc,
  • Functions: Soundproofing,safety, energy-saving.etc
  • Production time: 15-20 days
  • Max size: 2440*3660mm
  • Capacity: 2500SQM per day

Production details:

After cutting, grinding, drilling, and other processes, the float glasses enter the dust-free room to combine glasses and interlayer, then enter the glass laminating autoclaves to make laminated glass, and finally enter the automatic insulating line.


The following contains the necessary certificates for laminated insulated glass units.

Packing and delivery:

There is a plastic film on the surface of each piece of laminated insulated glass to ensure that it will not be scratched during installation and transportation.

Strong plywood crates packing to avoid the damage during the long distance transportation.

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