High quality of frameless glass railing system

Performance description of frameless glass railing system:

1. The surface strength is high and you are not afraid of bumping: the glass of the fence has been strengthened. For the bumps on the glass guardrail during use, and accidental collision of the guardrail, will not affect the performance and appearance, so when using it No special attention is required.

2. Clean and beautiful: The surface of the glass fence will not accumulate dust for a long time, and will not affect the color and transparency of the fence. As long as you choose water and a rag to wipe the fence, it will not have any effect on the surface.

The frameless glass railing system is based on specially processed tempered glass as the basic element and added with one or more kinds of metals or other semi-transparent or fully transparent railings (without frame and column, fully transparent) composed of one or more metals or other wood frames. It is not like an iron fence, which is easy to oxidize and rust outdoors, nor is it a single type like stainless steel fence. The advantage of glass is that its anti-corrosion is significantly better than ordinary steel, it is not easy to be oxidized and rusted, and its price is reasonable. Its unique transparency has been favored by the majority of builders, designers, and consumers.

The glass fence does not need painting and maintenance, and it is new and not old, which saves you from the fatigue and trouble of maintenance. Combined with the long service life, the overall cost is low.

frameless glass railing system
Glass railing system for decks

Frameless glass railing features:

  • Beautiful and light-transmitting.
  • The appearance feels individuality.
  • Can be used in various places indoors and outdoors.
  • Color transparency can be customized according to user needs.
  • Various shapes, such as arcs, can also be designed according to site needs.
  • It can be used with various materials, such as iron, stainless steel, aluminum, solid wood, and stone. It can also be made into all-glass.
Frameless glass railing system

The advantages of frameless glass railing system

 Frameless glass railings are assembled from safe tempered glass and U-slots or glass clips, advertising nails and other types of stair accessories. Transparent glass railings can provide users with a clear vision, giving people a feeling of larger space and higher-end. Especially for villas on the beach, homestays on the mountains, hotels in Xanadu, etc., the installation of such frameless glass railings will undoubtedly attract consumers to come to enjoy their consumption.

The frameless glass railing is very user-friendly, and the color of the glass can be customized, such as gray, red, cyan, brown, etc. The glass can also choose transparent glass or frosted glass. The frameless glass railing gives you a sense of space and openness, but still guarantees your privacy.

Frameless glass railing

Safety of frameless glass railing system

 Frameless glass railings are designed with a comprehensive consideration of safety and beauty. As long as the quality of the frameless glass railing accessories passes, the normal installation will be quite stable. Frameless glass railings are made of tempered glass, so there is no need to worry about hurting anyone if the glass is broken. For children, other wooden railings and iron railings may have some sharp corners that are easy to scratch or get stuck, but the frameless glass railing is a continuous plane after installation, which can effectively prevent children from getting stuck or scratched

How to install a frameless glass railing system?

1.Spread the board on the cement floor:

2.Place u-shaped grooves and confirm the distance between them:

3.Install the u-shaped groove and put in the special tape:

4.Place the glass plate and insert it into glue to fix it:

5.Install the stainless steel sealing plate:

6.Install stainless steel railings:

Put on the special rubber strip for the railing first, then cover the stainless steel railing, and finally seal the edges.


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