Super beautiful 10mm low iron clear tinted fluted glass for interior designs

1, What is fluted glass?

Fluted glass, also called etched glass, ribbed glass, reeded glass, carved glass, etc, is a glass panel with multiple grooves that can diffuse visible lights. It has different designs such as vertical or horizontal. The most popular is the vertical ones. The grooves can be narrower or wider, deeper or shallower, depending on the designs. Glass substrates such as clear glass, low iron glass, tinted glass are available for fluted glass designs. Fluted glass shower doors, fluted glass walls, fluted glass partitions are the most common interior applications.

fluted glass shower door
What is fluted glass?
Low iron bronze laminated fluted glass samples

2, What are the advantages for fluted glass designs?

  • Simplify beauty with crystal shining clear appearance;
  • Privacy keeping: people not able to see through clearly;
  • Can scatter lights and cause a sense of mystery;
  • More elegant comparing to frosted glass;
  • Multiple choices for design inspirations;
  • Superb for high-end hotel shower doors designs;
Reeded glass applications for railing, shower screen, doors, partitions, etc

3, How is fluted glass made?

Generally speaking, there are two ways to produce fluted glass.

1, The first one is using a hot rolling method to form a fluted glass effect. This method is relatively simple. It is heating glass to soften point and then transfer to the metal roller to roll on the glass surface. Making the grooves as certain shapes. Fluted glass produced by this method cost is lower. But the option of patterns is limited.

2, The other method is using a carving or etching methods produced by glass engraving machines. Firstly design the patterns as clients need in CAD drawing and input into the computer, later transform the patterns into CNC engraving glass machines. The engraving machines will carve the glass and polish the lines to form the exactly designed patterns. In this way, all you have to do is to provide your requirement for the drawings.

fluted glass carving machine
Carving glass machines

Below is a picture for different carved glass designs.

Different carved glass designs.
Different carved glass designs.

4, Can fluted glass be toughened?

Fluted glass can be toughened, but since its surface stats have been changed by the glass carving process. There might be an increasing rate for micro-cracks on the fluted glass surface. Therefore tempered fluted glass panels are suggested to be used as fluted laminated glass to enhance its safety. Colored pvb lamination can enhance safety as well as the decoration effect.

Colored pvb laminated reeded glass

5, Shenzhen Dragon Glass 10mm fluted glass properties:

Product name10mm fluted glass
Glass colorslow iron, clear, blue, green, bronze, grey, pink, etc
Glass thickness10mm, other thickness also available.
Further processlaminated glass, insulated glass, hot bending glass, heat-strengthened glass, etc.
ApplicationsGlass wall, glass doors, glass shower screen, glass partitions, fluted glass railing, etc.
Glass qualitySubject to CE & ASTM
PackingStrong plywood crates to ensure the safe delivery
Max size2600*4800mm

6, How much does fluted glass cost?

We Shenzhen Dragon Glass as one of Chinese well known fluted glass manufacturers,  offers different kinds of fluted glass for sale. Custom fluted glass cut to size maximum up to 2600*4800mm. Different patterns such as narrow line fluted glass, wide line fluted glass, crystal fluted glass, diamond fluted glass, etc. Are all available. Fluted glass thickness from 4mm to 19mm can be customized. For better design and cost-effective purposes, 10mm fluted glass will be suggested.

So how do you like fluted glass? Would you like to try to use it for your next interior project designs? Contact us and share your ideas!


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