Producing excellent double insulated glass in 1 day?!

Shenzhen Dragon Glass Company brought in the lisec fully automatic intelligent plant since 2017, It can manufacture great capacity of double insulated glass—–2000sqm/day. 60000sqm/month.

Here I am going to show you how is the quality difference between products by lisec intelligent plant and traditional glass plant.

Total line for lisec intelligent plant for tempered glass, laminated glass and insulated glass producing.

The image above is the brief view of our intelligent plant. It is built by the Lisec company from Austria. Total line needs about 10~15 human labours whereas the double insulating glass production(DGU) capacity reaches up to 60000SQM/month, this is 3~4 times comparing to the traditional plant.

You may wonder, how is the production quality? If the production speed is so fast, would it affect the quality?

Well, here I present one flaw as an example:

insulated glass production flaw for overlap

This looks familiar, right? Overlap is one of the most common flaws in DGU glass production. Especially when the quality controlling system is not strict enough, clients may receive production with this kind. Well, check the production which is made by our intelligent processing plant here:

shenzhen dragon glass insulated glass
Insulated glass produced by Shenzhen Dragon Glass Lisec intelligent plant production line.

How does it look? Breathtaking, isn’t it?

Can you imagine the above double insulated glass productions can be finished in one day?

How about one video to experience the production of double insulated glass? Click to know more.

This line is not only fit for double insulated glass production, but also very suitable for tempered glass and laminated glass production. With excellent quality and fast lead time.

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