Super high-performance double pane insulated windows

What is double pane insulated windows?

Double pane insulated windows, also sometimes called double insulated windows, are windows that insulated glass inlaid into the frame of the window. These double panes are separated from each other by an aluminum frame, and first sealed by butyl rubber, and second sealed by the structural sealant. Comparing single-pane tempered glass, double pane insulated windows greatly increase energy saving and soundproof effect.

How do double insulated windows work?

The core of the insulated glass is the air spacer between the double glass panes, which can isolate the heat in summer and the cold in winter. When cold and heat pass through the first layer of glass, they will be trapped in the air spacer, thus achieving the insulating function of double insulated windows.

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What are the benefits of double insulated windows?

  • Energy-saving effect: Since the outdoor temperature does not affect the interior of your home, you do not have to spend extra money to keep the house comfortable. In fact, you can save up to 24% in winter by using insulated windows and up to 18% in summer.
  • Soundproof: The double pane window glass also blocks noise from entering your home as well
  • Safety: Because the two panes of glass are made of toughened glass, insulated glass is a type of safety glass.
  • Eliminate frost and dew: If the temperature dramatically differences between indoor and outdoor, the single-layer glass will form frost. The insulated glass will not condense on the glass surface due to temperature differences. because the inner glass in contact with indoor air is affected by the air barrier, even if the outer temperature is very low, The dew point of insulated glass can reach -70℃.

Specifications of double insulated windows:

  • Production name: insulated glass;
  • Glass thickness: 5+5mm,6+6mm,8+8mm,10+10mm, 12+12mm, etc.Other types of configurations also available. etc,
  • Functions: Soundproofing, safety, energy-saving.etc
  • Shape: Flat or curved
  • Production time: 10-15 days
  • Max size: 3200*12000mm
  • Capacity: 2500SQM per day

Production details:

Shenzhen Dragon Glass can produce insulated glass for windows with good sealing quality and no leaking.


The following contains the necessary certificates for insulated glass

What is insulated glass cost?

The following factors will affect double pane insulated windows cost

  • Size will affect the cutting rate of raw materials;
  • Glass thickness: Undoubtedly, the thicker the glass, the more expensive;
  • Spacer thickness: The thicker the spacer, the more expensive;
  • Quantity: The price will drop as the quantity increases;
  • Shape: Curved insulated glass is more difficult in production process, so the price will be more expensive than flat ones;

Packing and delivery:

There is a plastic film on the surface of each piece of insulated glass to ensure that it will not be scratched during installation and transportation.

Strong plywood crates packing to avoid the damage of insulated glass during long-distance transportation.

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