Best soundproofing 6+6 double glazing curved glass windows manufacturers

Nowadays, designers & architects are struggling to make the building special. Curved glass windows are giving them inspiration for no matter residential or commercial applications. We Shenzhen Dragon Glass as one of the best curved glass windows manufacturers here can help perfectly realize the inspiration.

Curved glass windows designs
Curved glass windows designs

1, Product description.

Double glazing curved glass window consists of two 6mm clear or tinted or coated Low-E curved toughened glass panels separated by an aluminum spacer, first sealed with butyl sealant and then sealed with a structural sealant, forming a hollow structure.

Double glazing curved glass has super good performance for soundproofing and heat isolation functions. It can reduce at least 30dB+ noise and keeping U value<2.8 W/㎡·K. If we use Low-E coating glass for a curved glass window, the U value can be even lower than 1.6 W/㎡·K.

2, Advantages for double glazed curved glass window:

  • Architectural aesthetics: Curved shape caused a sense of space and beauty.
  • Soundproofing function: Noise deduction by 30dB+, totally isolated from the world outside.
  • Energy saving: Double glazed glass can help you isolated the heat transferring, with U-value<1.6 W/㎡·K, save your air conditioner’s power.
  • Super safe: Double toughened glass panels making sure that your windows can endure extremely high impact and remain safe.
  • Decoration: multiple patterns or colors available by choosing tinted glass or color PVB laminated glass or digital printing glass, etc.

3, Double glazed curved glass window properties:

Product namecustom curved glass windows.
Glass thickness6+6mm, 8+8mm, etc. other thickness also can be customized.
Spacer6A, 9A, 12A, 15A, 20A, etc.
Spacer colorsblack, silver.
Sealingdouble sealing method.
TypesLow-E double glazed curved glass window;
Solar reflective double glazed curved glass window;
Clear or tinted toughened double glazed curved glass window;
Frosted double glazed curved glass window;
Ceramic frit double glazed curved glass window; etc
Argon filledAvailable
U-value< 1.6 W/㎡·K
Sc< 0.82 customized.
QualitySubject to IGCC & CE high standard
Min Radius500mm.
Max size3200mm*7500mm
Capacity2000 SQM/Day

4, How to make curved glass window?

Shenzhen Dragon Glass as one of the best curved glass windows manufacturers produces curved glass windows within a strict quality control system.

  1. Cut the glass raw material to the subjected sizes;
  2. Grinding the edges of glass;
  3. Drill the holes if any;
  4. Curved glass toughening;
  5. Curved insulating by manual;
  6. Packing;

Below are some detailed pictures of the process.

Shenzhen Dragon Glass curved glass windows production details.
Shenzhen Dragon Glass produce duble glazed curved glass window products according to strict QC system

5, Curved glass windows for sale

Other different types of curved glass windows also are available in SDG. Such as single panels curved toughened glass, double laminated curved glass, etc.

Curved glass products for windows
Curved glass products for windows

6, Why choose Shenzhen Dragon Glass?

Shenzhen Dragon Glass as one of the best professional curved glass windows manufacturers can provide you:

  • Splendid quality supplied at a very good price.
  • Fast delivery guaranteed by super large capacity.
  • Strong wooden crates guarantee safety for long way transportation.
  • Multiple certifications like CCC, CE, ASTM, ISO9001 & BS.
  • 25 years of glass processing experience.
  • Strong delivery ability. No worries about shipping problems.
  • The experienced technical team always ready to provide you the best solutions.

Want to find out how much does curved glass windows cost? Feel free to send your inquiry now!


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