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clear tempered glass cost

Tempered glass

* Good tempering stress uniformity;
* No bubbles, no chips, no scratches.

colored tempered laminated glass

Laminated glass

* Spotless surface;
* No delamination with long lifespan.

Insulated glass

* No overlap, no leaking, long lifespan;
* Excellent performance.

Ceramic frit glass

* Super flat & uniform ink printing;
* Strong endurance for acid and scratches.

Shenzhen Dragon glass low e coating glass

Low-e glass

* High energy saving;
* No leaking, long lifespan;
* Fit for facade & windows projects.

Curved glass

* No overlap, no chips, no de-lamination;
* Unbreakable & long lifespan.

super strong bullet proof glass

Bulletproof glass

* Super high strength & bulletproof;
* Suitable for bank & VIP protection.

Digital printing glass

* High thermal resistance;
* Anti scratches;
* No fading with long lifespan;

Glass Manufacturing Machines Overview

Advanced glass processing machines to guarantee construction glass high quality!

  • High accuracy Bottero & Lisec glass cutting machines;
  • High speed glass grinding lines;
  • Super flat & spotless tempering furnaces;
  • Fully automatic Bystronic & Lisec insulating glass lines;
  • Excellent performance large area glass coating machine;
  • Dust-free environment for laminated glass production.
Shenzhen Dragon Glass tempered machines
shenzhen dragon glass laminated rooms
Shenzhen dragon glass insulated lines
shenzhen dragon glass large area glass coating line

Strict Quality Control System

shenzhen dragon glass quality control testing

Our strict QC system makes sure high quality glass products when delivered to clients.

  1. Size check for each process like glass cutting, grinding and tempering;

  2. Strong lights to check glass surface make sure that no flaw occurs;

  3. Strict tempering glass stress testing to make sure tempered glass quality tough and safe;

  4. Warp and deformation checking to make sure glass surface super flat;

  5. Strong impact test to guarantee tempered glass, laminated glass, insulated glass safe for architectural usage.


Our Certifications

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